How did everything start?

INTRODUCTION The project started in Senga bay, Malawi, March 2007. The decision to start a Centre was based on the desire to make a difference by giving children with the opportunity to attend school and providing a nutritional diet and medication with the ambition that the children living with HIV/AIDS are accepted in society.

The name of the project is Chikondi Chimodzi Child Care Center (5 C's). The Centre is located in the village of Senga Bay, Mdala Mkwanda, T/A Maganga in the Salima district, approximately 20 km from Boma, Malawi.

Malawi is located in south-east Africa and borders Mozambique in the south, Tanzania in the north and Zambia to the west. In June 2014, Chikondi Chimodzi Child Care Centre started a Swedish sister organization. To distinguish the two sister organizations, the Malawian organization is referred to as 5 C’s Malawi and the Swedish organization as 5 C’s Sweden.

ORGANIZATION The project is a non – profit making organization and collections go towards the daily operations and development needs.

PURPOSE The Child Care Centre aims to function as a support for both orphaned children and children whose parents or guardians do not have the ability to meet one or more of the child's basic needs. Our work focuses mainly on the right to education and we are currently supporting 60 children from 3 different primary schools in Senga bay. In order to enable the identification and follow-up of children in need of special support, there is an ongoing close cooperation with the village chiefs, head teachers and support networks in the form of mother groups from all 3 primary schools.